Baka Gakkuin (3?)

My arms ache, my palms and fingers are raw, I’m kind of sweaty and have just spotted some interesting bruises on one arm. Yes, that’s right, I’ve been roping again… (and in case you were wondering I re-checked the spelling of that last sentence about eighteen times).

Rather than try to shoe-horn a link to erotica and writing into this I just thought I’d brain fart some thoughts on what I like about rope.

I think a large part of it is the people. The rope scene (or at least that of it that I’ve been exposed to) seems to be characterised by happy people. I mean, when people are doing rope, an awful lot of the time the most noticeable things going on are smiles, and laughter. There’s a very real sense of playfulness about things. Not that I’m suggesting these things are in any way lacking in other kink circles it just seems to be… more with rope folks. Like somebody’s been playing with the graphic equalizer on the stereo. The song is the same, but right now there’s an awful lot of treble filled with squawks of glee.