Book Review “Being Anna” by Anna Sky

Being Anna: A BDSM Diary: Spanking Submission and CFS is available now.

Before I begin I’ll just point out that, as a friend of the author, this may not be the most objective review I’ve ever done. But, that said, I shall try.

Being Anna is a collection of short entries pondering different aspects of her burgeoning kinky relationship. It’s by turns, sweet, thoughtful, frank and occasionally deeply sexy. I struggle to call this erotica as such, but it is a very engaging insight into one person’s experiences and has a feeling of sincerity that fiction often fails to capture.

On the downside it feels a little short. There’s a hefty gap between posts, almost all being within a few months followed by a very recent one looking back, which raises the prospect of there being more to come. But then again as with other pieces I’ve reviewed, a book leaving you wanting more isn’t exactly a bad sign. Also, despite having chronic fatigue syndrome included in the title (sub-title, sub-sub title?… sub totally doesn’t sound like a real word now) it makes only a fleeting appearance. Not that it’s in any way unwelcome, just that I’m sure there’s much more to be said on that subject.

A short, positive and engaging read, although (to drag everything down to crudities) not wankable IMHO.