Bright Eyes

So, this came up on my news feed and made me chuckle.

It’s a no-context screen shot from an episode of Peep Show. I presume David Mitchell’s character is expressing disdain for porn… Either that or the guy’s into some dark nihilistic stuff (which sounds pretty hot in its own right).

But I wanted to contrast that with my experience earlier this week. I was somewhere out in leafy suburbia shooting spanking porn with the ever-fantastic Pandora Blake and Adele Haze. We were working on the next addition to the Havering Collection; a charming collection of vignettes set around a private school where the staff seem to spend an inordinate amount of time dishing out corporal punishments on each other (I was reprising my role as Danny, the world’s least competent gardener).

The atmosphere on set was, well, fun. There was laughter, there were smiles, there were elaborate headcanons, and occasional carry-on style mugging for the camera. I’m not saying that there isn’t a place for darkness in pornography. Just that, if dead eyes are all you find, you’re probably not looking hard enough.