I’ll Miss You Berlin!

Some things are not finite, zero-sum equations. Love, compassion, creativity are all things that can come in abundance. Others, like money, time, physical (and sometimes emotional) energy can be trickier.

Folks close to me probably know I’ve been through a tough month or two ( nothing too major, but a house move, work stuff and a touch of depression) and this has had an impact on my time, energy and money availability. Something had to give and, right now, I think the best option is to skip the Berlin Porn Film Festival.

It sucks to not be going. Last year was my first experience of the festival and I came home buzzing with ideas and creative energy. Hell, it pushed me to start making my own films and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get one ready to submit and feed back into this gorgeous creative melting pot of sexuality.

But I plan to be there next year, and at the London festival before then.

In the meantime, as a sort of apology I’m planning on releasing a trailer for the film I shot with Fauni Cate this summer… Just as soon as I get the darn thing edited.