It’s just a little kick up the bum!

Boy it’s been a while. I’ll not bore you with excuses, but life has been happening (and yes you can substitute the word ‘life’ with the word ‘rope’).

I just got back (ok not just got back, it was yesterday but you can take what you’re damn well given!) from Scarborough where I had an incredibly fun weekend with some very good friends and all the awesome folks who came to Smut by the Sea.

I’m not going to give a full run-down of the event. Firstly because you can look at an itinerary of an event and that’s great but it’s a bit like trying to live vicariously by reading a menu. I guess you had to be there. That said there have been some very good debriefs that do give a little bit of a flavour of the day (such as Cara Sutra). I’ll also just add that the boot-shaped paddle really fucking hurts!

What I will say is that these events are really great for generating ideas (there are workshop ideas from both last year and this year that will definitely be being made into full stories at some point… the crossdressing Richard E Grant tale is one I’m particularly looking forward to). But more than that, it is great at giving you a thorough kick up the bum. I’ve actually got some words down today for what feels like the first time in months and its great. So yes I’m taking a little break from the novella and working on getting some smaller but perfectly formed stories out… not least because I may have entered into a faustian pact that means if I don’t there will be… consequences.