Never Have I Ever

Or if you’re british “I Have Never”

For the uninitiated, this is a drinking game in which everyone takes turns to stand up and declare something that they have never done. Anyone in the group who has done the decreed act then stands up and takes a drink. If nobody stands up then the person who stood initially then has to drink.

Needless to say the primary purpose of this game is to stitch up your friends by saying things like:

“I have never run headlong into a pond.”


“I have never taken a dump in a bath because I was having trouble finding the toilet.”

To which only one person stands… to the collective hilarity of all and the shame of the one.

Well things get interesting when playing this sort of game with kinksters. Leading to statements like:

“I have never, upon setting off a smoke alarm at two in the morning, left a naked and collared sub and immediately fled the property, leaving the doors wide open.”


“I have never, upon hearing a smoke alarm go off at two in the morning and my play partner flee the room, chosen to cover my collar and only as an afterthought considered putting clothes on.”

Anyone else got some good ones?