One of the interesting effects of having grown up in the age that I have and reading some of the finest smut that Nexus et al had to offer is that my experience of corporal punishment has been an entirely adult experience.

This leads to the slightly peculiar position where, rather than having had some kind of early sexual awakening during a decidedly non-sexual situation, I’ve only really been exposed to spankings, canings and other such delights as an explicitly kinky and sexy phenomenon.

This isn’t to say that there’s anything wrong or unusual in spanking enthusiasts who did have youthful experiences of such things, save that, unlike them, I had a period of time where my fondness for spanking was entirely theoretical. How can I put it, I had no idea whether I really liked it, or whether I was merely the victim of some bloody fantastic writing.

And in the world of corporal punishment there’s one thing that seems to stand above all others as an icon, a rallying point of the kink. I refer of course to the over-the-knee spanking.

I love it, I love so much about it that it can be hard to express it in sensible terms, but broadly it comes into two categories.

1) Practicalities.

The over-the knee position it at once intensely intimate and powerfully objectifying. You can feel the weight of the subject pressing against you, their buttocks neatly presented for attention. Yet at the same time their face is forced away from you. Still close enough to hear every noise, but unable to look at you without craning the neck. This is powerful stuff but is generally sugar-coating to the real benefits. First is that it’s a relatively awkward position, not massively uncomfortable, but one in which control can be maintained with little more than a firm elbow in the small fo the back. But the key element that really marks this position out on a pragmatic level is the sheer immediacy of it; the ability to feel the effect every blow has on your partner.

This is a big plus because it offers a tremendous amount of easy control over the pain inflicted. Whereas things like stress positions and torture ties are great fun, there is also great skill involved, whereas over the knee it’s somehow simpler and more focused. you are never in any doubt whether the discomfort is intentional or not, because it is, every. single. strike.

2) Psychology.

There’s ultimately no denying the cultural baggage that comes with corporal punishment. Even the name ushers in images of stern authority figures and misdeeds ripe for chastisement. It’s more than mere pain play, by taking someone over your knee it hints, however obtusely, of centuries of merciless correction; of stern and determined use of force; and of the kind of forgiveness that only comes from suffering.

It’s powerful stuff, but oh so much fun.