Spring is a great time of year Not just the obvious, the feeling of the world coming to life and the way that green starts to appear form every nook and cranny. One of the great things about spring, possibilities.

There’s things that just aren’t practical in the winter. Back alleys are cold and damp, fumbling requires careful snaking of hands though countless layers seeking bare flesh. But spring is different. The air loses much of its chill, lingering outside becomes easier. Crucially, spring brings with it possibilities. Meeting friends and lovers for adventures is easier when you’re not trapped by needing to be somewhere warm. Instead of being limited to indoor play spaces, hotel rooms and bedrooms, suddenly the world opens up, and the world is a big, strange and exciting space.

Spring makes it possible to get away from other human beings, to find somewhere peaceful and undisturbed, by a stream, hidden in the woods, where a tossed down coat can accommodate as well as a night in a Travelodge, where aftercare can be listening to the birds of watching for the stars to peek through the clouds above.

The alleyways are still there of course, but robbed of much of their hostility, quick, urgent movements can become slow, luxurious teases. Running free like children or beasts. At least until the heat of summer drives us indoors again, sees us cowering in air conditioned spaces with the rest of humanity, biding our time for the rustle of autumn leaves.