Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals!

And a happy new year.

Let me just make clear that this isn’t a cut and paste what I’ve done over the last year that abound on the internet at this time of year. I mean, ok, it is that, but with reason rather than the arbitrary ticking over of numbers in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

You see, a year ago almost exactly I was keyboard-clattering my way through what was to become my first published story Bound in Plain Sight. Over the last year I’ve been more than happy to see this one is still a consistent seller and in spite of some failings (it was following this story that I switched to first person narration) it’s a story I’m very fond and rather proud of.

So the last year has been pretty succesful given that it’s been my first year of really doing stuff. I mean yes I’ve been writing for longer than I can remember and a good portion of that has been filth, but 2014 marked my first plunge into self-publishing and has seen me go from red-facedly typing short smutty stories to getting stuck into the (long promised and definitely actually happening) novel.

Along with the writing has been Eroticon and the Smut events and, with those, meeting more wonderful friendly, enthusiastic gloriously filthy kinky lovely people than I can shake a stick at (I would suggest looking to my Blogroll but that’s currently hopelessly out of date… so I’ll do something about that soon, honest).

It’s also been a year that has seen earth-shaking changes in my personal life and I have finally taken another plunge to fully embrace my kinky interests, not least of which rope. Yes I know I go on about it a lot, but it’s something that just works for me, something that just clicked from my first clumsy single column tie months ago to my more recent clumsy single column ties… To quote from the Sunscreen Song:

“The race is along and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.”

So, it’s been a year.