I am Pie?

One of the issues I have with monogamy… No, scratch that. One of the reasons I don’t think giving myself entirely to one person is a great idea is that, well, there’s rather a lot of me.

Let’s start with the obvious. I have numerous hobbies and have a bit of a tendency to pick up new ones at a rate of knots (this year alone has seen me get into numismatics, silversmithing, cigars and bagpipes) and I’ve long since despaired of anyone being able to match my enthusiasm for each and every new thing.

Then there’s emotional support. Obviously this is a two way street, but there are times in life where some need more than others. Truth be told there were times this year where I was giving far more than I got, and had I been in a monogamous relationship probably wouldn’t have had as much support as I did (but that’s also my fault for not seeking that balance more).

Then it gets more complicated on the kink side of things. I’m a switch and both sides of that are deeply important to me. I very rarely switch with an individual (I usually just sort of feel a dynamic with them, one way or the other) so it’s not possible for me to be all the things that I can be with any one person.

And, it kinda makes me sad. Not least because some forms of kink dynamic just aren’t really viable. Or rather going into them would mean losing so much of the rest of me that I’m not sure any one person could be enough to make it worthwhile ?